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Fulbright Industries, Inc.

Kennesaw GA 30152
Category: Services
   Business Type: Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations
   Mobile Services: No
   Online Services: Yes

Fulbright Publishing, Inc is producing "the NEATEST little paper ever read" for Cobb County. The paper called, "Tidbits of Cobb County", will be initially circulated in the Kennesaw and Acworth area, but will quickly move to other areas of Cobb. You will find Cobb Tidbits in places where people wait: restaurants, doctor's offices, hospitals, car repair centers, cafe's, and places where folks sit around and have a cup of coffee. News in Tidbits is always fun and passed around from person to person. Everybody loves Tidbits! A “tidbit” is defined as “a tasty morsel to be enjoyed before the meal”. And that is what Tidbits® is – a non-controversial, weekly newspaper dedicated to publishing entertaining morsels for the mind, food for thought as it were: trivia, fun facts, amusing stories and oddities. Our unique editorial blend is what will hook your readers and keep them coming back for more. They will seek out each week’s new issue and take copies home or to the office to share with family and friends. As merchants discover this loyalty, more and more will want to place their marketing message in front of the Cobb County public.


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